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Once you have that, make a note of any numbers you find and contact the mystery caller yourself to bust a cheater once and for all.

Spy Gadgets Review: Catch a Cheating Spouse 007 Style

Plus, don't miss the top 10 surprising facts about cheating you really ought to know. In addition to hidden messages, your partner may also be hiding audio or photo files. If your partner knows their way around the latest gadgets and apps, they may be secretly embedding images into other audio or picture files.

Making them is easy with DeepSound and QuickStego, and what may look like a funny animal picture may in fact be a steamy nude. You will need to know a special keystroke or code to unlock the file.

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One should respect another person's privacy, of course, but if you suspect your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating or your wife or husband is having an affair and you are ready to see it for yourself, then try going into his or her email trash folder on all potential evidence-storing apps photos, notes, emails, etc. If they're actively emailing with someone else, they may have forgotten to permanently delete any conversations. While you're at it, you might also want to check their computer's recycle bin for any incriminating photos.

If you find anything, then you can kick this human trash to the curb. You can search every letter of the alphabet in the various search tabs on modern devices. If you have a joint account, this is that much easier, but now there are also multiple ways to pay for trysts, including PayPal, points, even GroupOn. Just look for transactions you don't recognize particularly for obvious things like lingerie, jewellery, hotel or restaurant bills. Anything out of the ordinary that could be a sign of infidelity. Modern software like Mint not only manages your money but you might just be glancing at his or her phone when a monthly expense notification appears.

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Make a copy or take a screenshot of anything suspect and keep it hidden in a safe place as you continue your investigation in the hopes of catching that cheater red-handed. It's one thing to spot a liar, it's another to suspect that they've been receiving messages or pictures from another love interest.

Just because your partner's deleted photos from his or her computer doesn't mean that they still don't exist somewhere, waiting for you to uncover. If your spouse is hiding pics and selfies and other unfaithful memories, it'll be in his or her Cloud storage. You can log on to those websites that promote cheating spouses you know the ones and keep a look out for your spouse.

Or you can start a little smaller, and create a Facebook or Instagram profile and see if he or she bites. Investigative Device 3: Phone Software.

Top 5 Best Hidden GPS Trackers To Catch A Cheating Spouse Without Them Knowing

If you own the phone your spouse uses, you can use the iRecovery Stick Software to retrieve deleted information from the phone. All PI Spy Tools devices are easy to use and setup. Conduct your own investigation today.

If you have suspicions that your spouse is being unfaithful, you will want to use the devices and tools that professional private investigators use to conduct their investigations. Don't be the last to know. Get answers with the devices and tricks used by professional P.

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Find the Answers You Need… Without a Private Investigator If you have questions about your spouse's illicit activities, you can find out the answers to your questions by doing a little DIY investigative work. Nonetheless, this post outlines the best hidden GPS Trackers you can use to catch a cheater! The great thing about this kind of spy equipment and surveillance is that it allows you to track your cheating spouse without them knowing.

A couple of years ago, I actually caught my husband cheating on me by using a hidden tracker in his car, so I know how effective this strategy can be. Thankfully for us, we were able to work through our issues and our marriage is now stronger than ever. Our blog is filled with content that will help you fix your marriage or relationship after infidelity so be sure to check those out in the future if need be.

But before you can even address how to move forward, the first step is obviously finding out if your significant other is cheating on you! It also monitors driving patterns and can help you detect unsafe driving by giving you speeding, braking, and rapid acceleration alerts.

About the size of a tube of lipstick, this tracker gives you updates in real-time, can track anywhere in the world. Just be aware there is a monthly service fee, but for this level of tracking, that is not uncommon. With one of the longest battery lives on the market, this tracker from Americaloc provides real time tracking and even updates every 1 minute while the subject is in motion! However, you can update your preferences to receive updates every 10 or 30 seconds at no additional cost.

And right now, Americaloc is offering an additional 2 months for free when you purchase a service plan. Americaloc truly ranks among the top cheating spouse spy equipment.